• A woman who is in love with life itself. A good communicator. A kind heart. Loves nature and is natural in her beauty. Good sense of humor. Forthright in her communication.
  • Mystery and then honesty. Mystery to get him interested and honesty to keep him.
  • There is some truth to that old adage about cooking. But that's a double edged sword, because then he identifies that with your love. Ughhh!
  • As many answers to that as there men! Guys are funny - they can find the slightest things about us endearing - the way we laugh, the sound of our voice, how we express ourselves, even how we cock our head - and they get so into us and come on much too strong too soon. Which feels great but we know if they start trying to put us on pedestals that from there we can only go down in their estimation! But what do we mean when we talk about "love"? So many girls these days seem to think if a guy "loves" us then he will commit to us. And if he doesn't we think OK he didn't REALLY "love" us. Because lasting relationships and community are naturally so much more important for us and for our well-being. But seems to me guys think of it more in the sense of following their own feelings into an adventure and when the adventure part is over they lose interest or "love" someone else. And they can regard it as sort of their male privilege that we are interested in them and want to be with them whether just one of us or lots of us. As men mature they start thinking more practically in terms of what would be good for them so they might look for certain things that would help them in their lives and contribute to making their lives better like if we have a good job or are good at something or if we are beautiful they want their friends to know it. But I think that what makes for more lasting relationships in the end is just if they enjoy being together with us as much as possible. So we have to be or become friends with them. So they want to spend as much time with us as possible. Otherwise even in a relationship we seldom see them. Which is why we need to focus less on what makes men fall in love with us and more on just cultivating ourselves as people so we have parts of ourselves that are important to us and vital to us that don't depend just on our relationship with a man. Then we become more interesting to men as people. Guys may get off on having us totally dependent on them for a while but eventually that will bore them and they will be more interested in someone who has something of her own to bring to the relationship so the responsibility for it does not all fall upon him. And don't rule out such traditional skills as being industrious in the home like cooking, cleaning, laundering. But you have to want to do them and make something of them for yourself. My husband and I are friends but I know I also made myself valuable to him doing many of those things which he did not have from his first wife as she was a businesswoman. I have a very good clerical job but I have always tried to make myself valuable by cooking and cleaning which I very much believe in. Someone has to do those things and if we enjoy them and are willing to do them it does give us another center of power. Not that I do anything florid or anything like that - I just come from health and simplicity and relative cleanliness and don't need to spend a lot of time at those.
    • winstondegaulle
      Human presence can be like a drug. His first wife wasn't very present so she existed less in his life. Your home reflexes you and your character more than when his first wife was living with him. Couldn't it be that he needs you more than he did his first wife?
  • 3-19-2017 If a woman gives her attention to a man, he will love her no matter what. Very few women actually believe that. Here is what men sing about. Notice the words at 1:09 -
    • Boola Boo
      This is my new favorite song. : )
  • Subtle things he does not understand..the tilt of a head...being reminded of someone else....being turned on by behaviors a wife should exhibit, but so many women don't. (Well you don't. You're all lazy and selfish, and you act like WE'RE here to serve YOU, and that isn't what gets a guy going! It isn't what will make him convinced he needs to marry you!...but you see, now that I told you this, you will fake it, and some poor schmo will be convinced you're the one, and as soon as you have him snared, you turn back into selfish lazy taskmaster who doesn't like sex but only pretends. So he cheats, drinks and doesn't like women anymore. He whacks off at porn & gets a dog, like he should have done in the first place.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
  • I've heard it said and I agree that Men fall in love with their eyes. Women fall in love with their ears.
    • Abha
      You mean guys fall in love with girls with beautiful eyes ? And girls fall for guys with nice ears ?????? I didn`t get that.
  • Depends individually for every man.
  • Lust. If it were not for lust most people would never ask someone out on a date. Without desire (lust) why ask.
  • hormones
  • I like the song that says: "Fools rush in, Where wise men never go, But wise men never fall in love, So how are they to know." I think the answer to that question is almost impossible to answer. There are so many reasons. It's a risky business, And yet we're all ready to take those risks.
    • Roaring
      very well said

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