• On St.Paddy's Day - everyone is Irish (regardless of actual ancestry) !! : ) But to answer your question ... I'll be in the kitchen, at our Veteran's Club, preparing a feast for about 175 drunken, "would be" Irishmen. But, I must confess that I too will partake of more than a few Irish coffees while preparing said feast. Our bartender really is a redheaded Irishman and he makes the best Irish coffee in all the land. " May you be a half hour in heaven, before the devil knows you're dead !" : )
  • Last St. Paddy's Day, I went on a blind date with this girl who got falling down drunk, puked all over my favorite boots, and then insisted I take her home so she could pass out -- a half hour drive away. I think I'll stay in this year.
    • Ice man
      A pint or three too many green beers ?? : )

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