• so this question made you find Question sites?
    • Photography Lover
      No, I used Google to find question sites.
    • Myang
      -_- LOLS . i know right. i mean why you're looking for a question sites?
    • Photography Lover
      -_- Lol. I don't see how your question could have been taken any other way. I was on Quroa but got fed up with the site.
    • Myang
      ok then. so why you're in Quroa? what i really wanted to say was why you participate in these kind of sites? what makes you create an account for this.
    • Myang
      i was such a fool idiot back then xD lmao.
  • just saw it again. i am really sorry for my former irrelevant comments here. i wanna answer it appropriately the way it should be at the very first place. If someone who keeps staring at you. Stare back at him/ her. In that way, you may realized some ideas why that person stares at you like that. If that person smiles? maybe that person is into you. But depends on the smile okey? ;) try to experiment something by keep on staring back. :D
  • Pick your nose and flick your boogers at her.
  • That depends entirely on whether or not you find her attractive and if you are available. If so, go talk to her. If not, look away.
  • Probably approach her tand ask if I can touch her titties.
  • If you find her unattractive, then there's no reason to stare back. :)
  • If it was a friendly stare, I would smile back for a moment, then look away. If she was still looking my way i may smile again and if I were in a good social mood perhaps go over and introduce myself.
  • If you are a photography lover and you might be interested in her, go over and ask her if you could take her picture.
  • tell her to cut it out

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