• OK lets make one thing clear...someone cutting themselves is a far worse thing than mild depression! thats serious! she could seriously hurt herself. (tell her to try drawing on herself with a pen, the feeling o the pen can be a weird sensation and drawing on her skin will give her the same distraction as cutting, in theory!) And with these other problems of cutting, suicide thoughts and tendencies, as well as throwing up her food. Girl you might be young and cannot see what a serious situation this is. get your friend help. tell someone, betray her trust for this one time, because if you dont help her, i dont think shes going to fix herself. Take what she says seriously, school is depressing, the tangle of making friends, getting good grades and trying to be popular is exhausting. And it can cause many people to go into a depression. Katelynn, im being dead serious. you need to talk to your friend and get her help. If he parents are not supportive do not go to them, go to a school teacher you both like, or a counselor. Im not joking about this, it might seem small now, it might even seem like she's doing this for attention, it doesnt matter. if she is physically harming herself, she needs to get some type of help. be her best friend. believe her and help her. My best suggestion would be to go to a teacher you both trust and like. I hope you reply with some update, this kind of stuff makes me nervous.

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