• Neither really. I'd like to live in a small city. I get all the urban amenities without the big city problems and within distance of the countryside so I can get away from it all whenever I want to.
  • If those were my only options I would say small town and because I need room and green(trees,grass, etc) :)
  • The big city which I already do I live in Long Beach, CA. I live here cause it has great public transportation and is close to everything. The beach I can walk there from my house. The Mountains and desert are only an hour away.
  • I live in a small city, and it sucks, so I'm movin' back to a big city. I kinda liked it in Chambersburg, which is a small town, but this middle-ground pergatory has made me yearn for my first and only home, The Big Apple;)
  • Small town. I like to visit the city but I would not want to live there. I prefer a slower more relaxed environment.
  • With my experiences with small towns and big cities, I'd choose big cities everytime. I live in the biggest city in my area, which is reall just a small city, or as I call it, an overgrown town. That's Salisbury, MD, and it's surrounded by little jerkwater hamlets like Bivalve, Willards, and Girdletree. I hate all these places. Though, I have lived in Towson, MD, Livingston, NJ, Philidelphia and New York City, all large urban areas, and I liked them much better
  • Mixed feelings here ... On the one hand, I like Montreal with it's three million people, the Jazz fest, the Just for Laughs Fest, the international fireworks competition, the F1 & Indy races, the dozens of movie theatres, the thousands of excellent restauraunts, and so on, ... but on the other hand, I came here from Eagle Plains, Y.T., a tiny village in the Canadian Arctic wilderness ... and I loved it there, so open and wild ... I have also been in major cities and remote locations in a total of 28 countries ... I would have to say that I do not actually like small towns as much as big cities, but what I do like even more is remote wilderness, with no buildings or roads as far as the eye can see.
  • I'm not any kind of town or city person. I usually live out of town in the woods. But if Ihad to choose, I'd have to go with a very very tiny town. I think our village has too many people with 700 people. I like it up here on the hill. There are only 3 houses, all family. And one vacation cabin across the road. That's more my speed. Quiet, lots of fauna and flora. We love animals and birds. The state woods border us on two sides. We're far from people. Just the way I like it.
  • I like living in a small, self contained town a few miles away from a city. I would rather have a bigger yard. I would prefer about an acre, and there are many houses in my area that are on acreage, but mine is just a normal residential size.
  • I dream of the day that I can move back to a small town. I may never be able to, (have to stay close to doctors), but I want to so bad. Life just seems so much slower and peaceful in small towns.
  • I`ve lived in a small town for my whole life, but I do travel a lot so I have experience with cities. If my Mom asked if I wanted to get up & move to a city I`d say yes without any hesitation! The fast paced life is so exciting! New faces everywhere & high fashion boutiques sounds like a dream. I love everything about a city. Towns are boring. The residents can be boring & rude. If you`re looking for somewhere to settle down and start a family a quiet town is the place to go, but a lot of teenagers do drugs here. What I think is that it just depends what kind of person you are. People who like to have lots of life long friends, big ( but expensive ) properties, & nice neighbors, you`re probably a town person. For those of you who like lots of job options, to see new things everyday, & like to be somewhere where everyone understands the latest fashions, check out moving to a city.
  • city, more transportation that way
  • small town, its easier to get to know people that way

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