• DO NOT drop the ILY bomb until / IF you have been in a serious relationship with her for at least a few months. You will otherwise appear to be a freak living in fantasy land and she will be freaked out and run away (as she should).
  • Calm down, and slow down. Forget Valentine's Day for now. Instead, do something simple - AFTER the holiday to avoid sending confusing signals - and ask her out to a movie or for dinner (if you have the cash.) If you happen to live in a location that is warm in the winter - southern Florida or Hawaii - and if you have your own transportation, then invite her to the beach. (Transportation is going to be a problem. If you have to ask for a ride, just swallow your pride and ask for a ride from a parent or sibling or whoever. Just explain to the gal in advance that you hope she does not mind but that you don't have a car and that someone is going to drive you wherever it is you plan to go. For me, before I got my driver's license at age 16, this was always the hardest part of dating.) As for "breaking your shy," give up such nonsense. If you are mature enough to date, it is time to overcome your shyness. Easier said than done, I know. However, the idea that you will be able to turn on and off your shyness at some arbitrary point is pure fantasy. As the expression goes, you are as God made you. From the sound of it you sound like a really nice kid. So trust that you are and ask her. There is no doubt, you could get your feelings hurt. Welcome to reality. However, if she's worth it. If being around her makes you happy, then it is worth the risk. You'll never get anywhere by sitting in your room dreaming about what might have been.
  • Why do you only want guys to help you? Hasn't it occurred to you that women could help you as well? Answer that and I will consider giving you a helpful answer. A sexist approach will not work, I'm afraid.
    • dorat
      Oh good grief. Get over it. The kid is in 8th grade. He is no more sexist than your pet airdale! Instead of living life with nostrils flared, why don't you quit trying to be offended and just offer some advice to a fellow human being? Try this, "Although you didn't ask for a woman's opinion, I thought you might appreciate hearing a different perspective...," but I guess it is more fun going through life with a chip on your shoulder and a sense of righteous indignation, isn't it? My suggestion, kid, if this lady offers you advice, ignore it. Someone this eager to pick a fight will only steer you wrong.
    • officegirl
      I don't see that his "u guys" in this context excludes us at all. Just refers to anyone on AB.
  • I have no idea how old you are right now, but I will assume that you are probably in eighth or ninth grade. Perhaps seventh grade, judging from your language and your style of writing. The thing is, don't say 'I Love You' to a girl that doesn't even know you. It's a turnoff. Plus, love wouldn't probably be the word for it... perhaps it's 'I like that girl'? Look-- how much do you know her if you don't talk to her? Go and approach her! Be cheerful. Is she in your classes? If so, take an opportunity to ask her for homework and stuff. Ask her something like "Hey! What books do you read?" If you see her reading something that you read before... or doing anything that you have done before, take this chance and find a common topic. "Wait, you watch anime?! Awesome! Ever watched No Game No Life?" Don't be too enthusiastic at first. Approach her slowly, almost as a friend. Remember-- never be ignoring her one second, then friendly the next. If you want to make her like you, be consistant. Always be nice to her. Greet her politely whenever you see her. Ask for her text number casually-- it isn't weird. Trust me. You'll know it when she shows interest in you... when she initiates a conversation and her girlfriends starts grinning at her whenever you walk by. But if she doesn't, that's fine! Just ask her once the two of you are good friends. Sent her a text. "Hey, I think I like you." If she doesn't say yes or respond, that's fine. Move on. P.s. advice-- don't always wait for the girl to initiate the conversation, but don't bother her all the time when texting. Text a 'hi' for about every three or four days, and if she replys, don't wait 20 hours to reply back. It's fine if you reply immediately most of the times; girls will appreciate that.

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