• No. See your other question for my reply. However, I would add that I wish you had mentioned your age in the previous question. I think an 8th grader - a middle school student (or "junior high school" in my day) - dating a high school junior is a long shot. The age difference at that point is wider than the years may indicate. Unless you are older looking than your years and more mature, the odds are that she may either turn you down or not treat your get together as the date you want it to be. (In this connection, by the way, absolutely do NOT get her a card or gift for Valentine's Day. I feel for you, but given the age difference, it is too apt to look more like "puppy love" and that you are trying to act older than you are.) I still say that it is worth trying to ask her out, and I am sorry to say this, but unless things have changed dramatically since I was a kid, you have to be in high school to date a high schooler. You are just not there, yet. Sometimes, the years are just wrong.
  • Unless you are afraid that she's older than you, then give her a gift.
  • Work Hard according to the Plan.

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