• If you own a home and want to sell it, you can price it at any level you want. Here Are the various points to be noticed while increasing the price of homes after they got listed: Under Contract: One cannot raise the price but various conditions can help to do that. As if the inspection shows that repairs are needed, you have the option to refuse to do the repairs, to lower the price to reflect those repairs. The buyer can walk away. The contract is no longer valid, so you can then raise the price. Recent Showings: Agents have the copies of Multiple service descriptions of home they show.The price is always written on the list. If the price has been recently changed, the old price might be on the copy of the listing written by the agent earlier. The buyer might refuse to see the house or make an offer if he finds out the price has been raised.So in This case price can be raised. Price History: A potential buyer might believe the price increase was arbitrary, and that you'll settle for the old lower price. Because buyers can see the price history, you'll have to be prepared to answer questions about why the price was raised.

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