• It depends a lot on what else he's wearing. My hubby wears V-necks under dress shirts. They go great with his dress shirts but I wouldn't want to see him wearing only a V-neck undershirt (not that he ever does that). But V-necks are perfect undershirts to him because if he leaves the top button unbuttoned, you can't see his undershirt. Sometimes even the second button being unbuttoned won't reveal his shirt underneath very much. Whether or not a dress shirt is worn over the options of white undershirts you provided definitely makes a big difference. I like how he looks in just a white tank top. V-necks make great undershirts, but only as undershirts. Crew necks can be okay to be worn by themselves. Yes, I like the look of a t-shirt under a polo. My hubby wears some gray and black t-shirts under a lot of his non-dress shirts, such as polos.
    • dorat
      Thanks. I have to confess that this question had three parts because it had three motives. The first was straightforward. What looks sexiest to you ladies when worn by itself. (Like you, yet again, my gf agrees that tank tops are best.) The next was a question of style. What looks good under a dress shirt. My gf actually does not like the tank top if the dress shirt is white or a light color, because you tend to be able to see the outline of the t-shirt. She prefers the crew neck under a dress shirt, though I suppose a v-neck would work as well. (For what its worth, for me, it is all about comfort. In spring and summer I wear the tank top under a dress shirt because it is a bit cooler. I typically don't wear t-shirts under my casual shirts in spring and summer for the same reason. In fall and winter, I wear a crew neck under both dress and casual style shirts.) She also does not like it if I wear no t-shirt under a dress shirt because, she says, my chest hair makes the shirt, particularly if it is white, look darker than it should. The third question was based on the fact that I recall when I was maybe in junior high school the kids considered in nerdy if you wore a t-shirt under your regular shirt. I can remember having donnybrooks with my mother who would tell me to wear a t-shirt and I wouldn't want to because I thought the other kids would make fun of me. Now, I noticed, that crew neck t-shirts seem almost routine and I was just curious to see what people thought and how the fashion - if such it is - has seemed to change. I didn't ask the question very well, but you kind of nailed it. Thanks. I was wondering, maybe if you had brothers, do you recall the big deal about not wearing t-shirts? I remember that so vividly - maybe it was just a Michigan (where I grew up) thing. Anyhow, thanks again.
  • Very much of a sign of the times for a man to be so concerned about what looks good to us - even down to underwear! You remember in answering your satisfaction question I said formerly we were the ones who were supposed to be sexually satisfied. Well back then it was -we were supposed to look good for you! Not that I did for many years - I quite rebelled against that until I had to really think about obtaining a decent job to support myself. But dress has become so much more casual across the board in the last ten or so years. In buying things for my men I always went for clothes that made them look smart and I thought went with their coloring. Which never extended to underwear. My husband wears crew necks I guess because that is what he is comfortable with or perhaps just out of habit. But never casually just by themselves but always under a shirt which I certainly agree with. No undershirt to me would connote a more slap-dash less caring attitude toward life and business. He wears a coat and tie even for supervising outdoor work. Which I am comfortable with since most men who took life seriously were wearing the same back in the day. I do much prefer the sharp smart look because it indicates industry and application and caring - and being appropriate. Which qualities are important to me in a man. But neckties have become uncommon in industry and even in banking, as have coats. Just as we now wear - most of us - slacks. Meeting clients where I work they wear suits but the creative people never. Still I think you are not showing much appropriateness and industry going to work in clothing you would wear to a club or dating bar. A lot of men wear darker tops under white shirts with an open neck - which is pretty much accepted now but I don't know how smart they looks. Men smartly dressed, men in well-pressed uniforms like military or police - to me project what I think of as a more manly image. Don't know if I have ever seen a man in just a tank top except on TV.
    • dorat
      Thanks. Just a couple of quick points. Just to clarify - as regard your last point - I certainly didn't mean when I was talking about just wearing a t-shirt that it would be something you would wear on the job. Typically I would only wear just a t-shirt maybe around the house if I was working on something - other than that I think maybe have a few times when I had to run a quick errand, or when I was at the beach. I didn't mean, gosh knows, as a fashion statement. As I mentioned to ladyEmma above, this question had a three part motive. The first motive - related to the first part of the question - was just to ask what you ladies found sexy or attractive. (The second part was to find out what worked in a fashion sense. The third was my memory that when I was a boy, t-shirts (specifically crewneck) were seen as nerdy and I wanted to see how attitudes have changed. They clearly have.) Sorry if I was not clear on that. Unless I worked at a construction site as a laborer, I can't imagine it would be appropriate to wear only a t-shirt - any kind of t-shirt - on the job. As to your first point. I think you mistake form for substance a bit. Yes, guys didn't SAY they cared about what women thought of how they looked - but trust me, they did, even back in the day. Elsewise, those fashion people, and all the producers of cologne and razors and all the rest, would have been out of a job. (As to underwear, it is just that we want you gals to think we are hot. Look at all the underwear choices men have now. Remember when tighty-whities or white boxers were pretty much it? Thanks to my gf, I now have the largest underwear collection on the planet. I even have super-hero underwear. Underoos for the 18 and over set!) By the way, overall I agree, fashions have gotten more casual. Up to a point, that is fine, but as happens so often, we seem to be going beyond the point. (Forget the clothes - beards that are untrimmed, piercings in places I would not want pierced, tattoos that are waaaayyyyy beyond the pale. I know I sound like a foggey - and for what it is worth, except for this year, I usually grow a beard in the winter but I ALWAYS kept it trimmed and neat - but things have gotten way out of hand. I don't object to tattoos, per se, but when they cover your whole arm such that I can see them poking out from a dress shirt - I think we are at the point of too much of a debatably good thing. For what it is worth, by the way, on the Hill when Congress is in session, coat and tie is still mandatory. Say what you will about politics - at least we still have a fashion sense.
    • officegirl
      Good comment. But men are so sexy so much of the time I think they should dress more neutrally more often and give us a break!
    • dorat
      Thanks. I'll talk to the rest of the club about your suggestion - although my gf still dresses me in the morning so I will have to defer to her. Hope you understand. Cheers!

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