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  • Honestly I never thought in those terms. Because when I was young men were supposed to be easily "satisfied" by just getting off. And if they wanted to go again they were not shy about asking for it or just went for it. In those days we were supposed to be the complex ones sexually because we needed more and the right kind of care and feeding. Don't remember any man ever talking about being "satisfied". but more if they talked about it they wanted us to be. A lot of men are sort of embarrassed by or ashamed of their orgasms - its like maybe in their personal code they think they should just go on forever and otherwise they might think they are being selfish or they knew it could make us pregnant. And I have had months long relationships during which they refrained entirely from doing so, or at least with me. And some men have told me they thought of their Os as insignificant compared to ours. So when I was younger I never much thought about it at all as long as it was good for me. Except when they would get to the point where it seemed they couldn't help themselves but were still trying to hold it back which was frustrating for me and I remember screaming at one person to just let it go because I didn't care at that point whether I got pregnant or not but I just wanted him to get there because it seemed right. Now I can see how psychologically it would be different for guys under different circumstances, different mental states, or with different people. Certainly I want men to enjoy theirs, whether they get there in three minutes or three hours, just as much as I do mine. Which they do seem to whatever or however. Some men drop off and sleep immediately, others want to go again, others (my husband!) want to move on to other things. With multiple men I would guess they each get off five or six times an evening if they are young, three or four times when older.
    • dorat
      Never thought of it in a generational sense. Then again, my gf has me over a barrel on this one. Like I said, I always enjoy sex with my gf. I never ranked better or worse. I am always satisfied after an orgasm - and as I said I usually fall asleep, at least for a while.
    • WorldOpenSkies2222
      (Sorry to interrupt, but I posted my response on the "other subject", in case you don't see it.)
    • dorat
      Got it pal.
  • (Unrelated to topic above.) Good evening, dorat. Great to hear that you and your gf are doing good. Things are going good here, as well. Just about to breastfeed my oldest daughter. (Idk why but auto correct "corrected" her age in the last few comments. She is 13 years old.) Anyway, she just asked for milk and before she will nurse she says she's gonna turn the light off in her room. I'm sort of delighted (in a motherly way) that she's going to nurse, as she does it quite a bit less than my other children, and thus she may be more prone to getting sick and such. At least my tits are producing enough milk to feed them all, including myself on occasion. Anyhow, things are going good and it'll be good to hear from you!
    • Beach_Niki
      What do you two wear when you nurse? I always nursed in just panties or fully nude, it was so much easier.
  • My hubby will pass our in a sexy heap of sweaty muscles and a shiny, creamy cock! I know the louder he moans and the more curses he lets fly the harder he has cummed and the more he has enjoyed my tight pussy or ass.
    • dorat
      Hey, maybe that's it. I usually, try as I might to do otherwise, fall asleep after sex. I do moan a lot. (I woke up my son one time - difficult explanations to follow.) Sweaty? That's something I hadn't thought of. This has become a game of sorts. My gf is having a blast keeping my secret from me. She told me if I guess right she will clue me in. So thanks.

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