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  • Hello again, I have just answered your question about underwear and have looked through some of your earlier questions and this one relates in part to my answers to the other. Yes , I love to watch a guy react. To tease an erection is wonderful and nothing seems to work quite like slipping a pair of knickers around him. To watch it grow and throb is fantastic whether he or I is stimulating it ( I love to see a guy bring himself off whilst I watch) and I love to watch him ejaculate. I am not so keen on the sticky mess so will almost always clean it off with my tongue (am I a dirty girl for roing so?). Big disappointment for me is that so many guys are shy about doing this in ftont of me. WHY?
    • dorat
      Thanks again. Ya got me. I'm not shy about it. In fact I enjoy it. That said, I was a bit surprised that more women did not respond and no one found it sexy. My gf loves to jack me off and then lick the cum off my dick and chest and wherever it ends up on. If it ends up on her, then I lick it off her tits, which I have to say is an incredible turn on. (So, no, you are not a dirty girl - at least not in a bad way.) Sometimes though we just leave each other - or whichever one of us is - drenched in cum and then make out until I can get it up again. We don't mind the "sticky mess" the way you do. (Truth in advertising though, I am one of those guys who tends to fall asleep after sex. Not so much after masturbating or being jacked off, but my gf does not call me "dozey" for nothing.) A lot depends on how animalistic we are feeling. When the sex is really raw and we are both like two animals breeding in a field, we don't get too finicky about who is drenched in cum. As to how this fits in with my wearing women's underwear, I see what you are saying. My gf did mention, when I asked her that she liked the idea of seeing me in lacey pink panties and seeing my bulge. See my other answer for more detail. Thanks for responding.
  • Well I have done it and men seem to like it though not as much as oral. No seems to be sort of a waste to me when he could be up me. No don't find it sexy but not a mess cause it easily washes off. Some men are very fastidious and go crazy if I let any get on them at all.
    • dorat
      Had to laugh, Officegirl - a waste of time? You are efficient I guess. Made me laugh. As to a guys being THAT fastidious. Huh. I guess I never asked my guy friends. I never thought of it. When I think back to all the times when I have been drenched in my own cum - or in a few instances some other guy's cum - and continued to have sex with the girl (or the guy in a couple of cases) I guess it never hit me that any guy would react badly to it. By the way, I may have asked you this but I don't remember - do you enjoy watching men have sex with other men? My gf thinks it is hot and I was wondering what you think.
    • officegirl
      Not really Dorat. Though certainly is fascinating - very mechanical and almost brutal and without tenderness. But I want to be the center of attention when men are around which I think is my natural birthright.
    • officegirl
      Like the kind of men who jump up and are in the shower almost before their ejaculations are done. Have to clean up not at the end of the evening but after each time. You would think they would not be much interested women at all since we are naturally messy. Wouldn't make love during my period. And God forbid we should have any other kinds of discharge. Germophobes.
    • dorat
      Ha! You think people only wear underwear to bed in the movies. I never imagined that there were guys who were in the shower right after ejaculating. Takes all kinds to make a world I guess.
  • Yes, I enjoy jacking a guy off. And it is so incredibly sexy to watch and feel his reactions as I jack a guy off. It turns me on to feel a man's body tense, to feel his cock pulsate, balls tighten, and to see and feel him cum. For the bonus: It is sexy to see cum on a guy, but I'd prefer his cum to be on me. ;)
  • There's no greater way to please the male species. We must do it more often.
  • All ur questions turn me on. I like it yes
  • Yes, I love jacking my guy off... love the feel of his super hard cock in my hands and twitching of his cock when he is about to shoot his load.

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