• CMVS = Chinese Mobile Value Service?
    • Ice man
      @ B.M. - Don't you just love acronyms and how everybody is supposed to KNOW what the hell they stand for ? I like your translation though, "Chinese Mobile Value Service" sounds great to me., makes total sense too ! : )
    • Black Mystique
      @ Ice man, that's what came up on google. I had no glue.
    • Ice man
      Oh yes, having glue is a good thing. LOL - Sorry, I can't stop laughing !
  • I'm not sure what exactly you're asking, but I'm going to guess you want to put your own videos on top of someone else's music and you don't want them to sue you. Am I right ?? If so, then I would think seeking their permission might be a good place to start, and you should probably seek the help of a lawyer.
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