• No not really but the screen ratio aspect makes them appear very "squashed".
    • Ice man
      Squashed yes. I think they should completely take them out of focus or just use a solid colored background all together. That would make it easier to read what is written, especially when people write very long descriptions.
    • Rick Myres
      My computer monitor is a wide screen literally and when I put this computer in the safe mode everything on the screen is of course larger because of the ratio as usual but then everything looks "squashed". Since I started using this monitor last year, yesterday 5/27/18 was my first time to use safe mode.
  • It might be nice to have them change now and then or cycle between a few scenes
    • Ice man
      Exactly. : )
  • it dont bother me any
  • So the new backgrounds are all your fault! !! The Godfather speaks and answerbag makes it so!!! I didn't like it initially. It was kind of like walking into a store where I know where everything is and they've changed it but it might be easier to read I haven't really noticed what bothered me was when their advertisements covered up the first line of the second answer on my little phone.
    • Ice man
      Guilty, as charged. : ) I like the new ones a lot better, and they do make it easier to read.
    • Linda Joy
      Will you ask them to make it to where when you're looking at a friend's profile and you're 5 pages into the answers you can answer the question and go back to where you were in the list when you hit the back key instead of back to the first page of the profile?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't like the green on the music category.
    • Ice man
      You do realize how old this question is ... and how long it took to make the change, don't you ? The list of important changes that have already been requested, is a really long one, so let's give them a chance to catch up a bit before making the list any longer. "The ox is slow, but the earth is patient". ; )
    • Linda Joy
      Like what? Personal messaging and friending that can be done in e-mail? You know I can't be patient!
  • No, the background photos are interesting to see. They enhance questions, even if a lot of questions are not worded correctly.

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