• First thing to ask is for a deposit to design the website after settling on a price. Then, like all marketing tools, the designer needs to know what is the ideal response to the web site from the audience would be. Then how does the company want to be positioned (technical, corporate, warm and fuzzy, creative, etc.). That's a start.
  • Depends on the client and the project. Usually they will have ideas and a budget in mind and are simply looking for quotes. Best to weed out the time wasters by asking straight up if they have a budget and website plan. If not then tell them to come back when they have. This will cut down 99% of the problem you'll face.
  • Who is your audience? How much do you want to spend on your site?
    • OC Joe
      I agree with "who is your target market" (audience). I also know that a lot of people ask "How much do you want to spend" and I hate it when contractors ask me that and find that most clients hate it too. They want YOUR price but know your price will go up if they suggest the price they "want to spend" is higher.

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