• First clue - Think of "Rocky & Bullwinkle".
  • Of course! Watched R & B when I was a kid and loved the show. I haven't watched it as an adult, but I've heard there is a lot of adult subtext that flew over my head. It's been on my bucket list to take another look.
    • Ice man
      Thanks Bill. I recently found some of the old programs online and you're right there is a lot of adult subtext. I too loved the show when I was a kid, but also found it funnier when I viewed it again recently. : )
  • I didn't recognize the names until you mentioned Rocky and Bullwinkle and now I can see them clearly!
  • The Ruby Yacht of Omar Kayyam!
  • They kill moose and squirrel, yes?
    • mushroom
      Where is Fearless Leader? He's in the back room doing guest shots. BANG! And there goes another guest.
  • YES. I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle. Do you remember Wossamotta U?
    • Ice man
      As in the Marx brothers ? Yes : )

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