• Invite him to Christmas dinner at our house. Why not? Everyone else it seems is coming.
    • Ice man
      Hahaha ! Priceless answer. That made me laugh out loud, well done and thanks. : )
    • officegirl
      Thank you.
  • Your a hero and a real leader~not like the piece of dog dirt we got for a president!! Dec. 14
    • Ice man
      I hear ya ! The up coming pres not only knows more than his top generals, now his intelligence agencies are (in his opinion) not worth listening to, yet he's got time to listen to what Kanye thinks ! What's wrong with that picture ??
    • Ice man
      Stay tuned tomorrow, I've got a good one to post. You'll get a laugh out of it, for sure. : )
  • When the Soviet Union fell the West did absolutely nothing to help the failing state. Yetsin was such an alkie that he had no idea what do it. With no one honest and able at the helm it was inevitable therefore, that a strongman like Putin took over. America needs enemies - to keep its arms production industry running and people employed
  • MSG to Putin: If you are going to assassinate somebody, please do it in your own country.😏
  • The same message the Ukrainians send to him all the time.

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