• i've accomplished a lot of goals. My goal now, is to lose weight. I am 16, 190lbs, 5"6
    • Lyn Opinaldo Victoria
      no, not really :)_
  • I accomplished more on the old Answerbag in my first two years than most other members managed in five years or more. My other goal is to own more platform boots than anybody else in the world.
  • Considering I started off as an awkward tongue-tied groupie yes. I am married to a wonderful man who owns a successful business, we own a nice suburban home, and I have been executive assistant of a large industrial firm for over twenty-five years and am a patron and fund raiser for the arts and mentor new business owners. Yes I would like to be able to help more people.
  • not really to be honest, i feel like i cant do nothing cause noone will hire me
    • Anonymous
      no one
  • no, i wish, noone will let me do anything and they just wont hire me

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