• Ice man
      I can't believe I watched the whole frigin' thing !! That stupid bastard, Chapman, should have shot her instead of Lennon. LOL.
    • Azlotto
      "I can't believe I watched the whole frigin' thing"...Lol, You're a glutton for punishment : )
    • Ice man
      True dat !
  • Anything by Adele
    • Ice man
      Have a look at the rest of these, but make sure you check out Azlotto's, to truly appreciate one of the best covers of an Adele tune ! LOL
    • Bootsiebaby
      Adele is not all that bad, Chelsea. I wouldn't go mad over her, but I've certainly heard worse.
    • Azlotto
      Umm, no comment, but thanks for your reply.
  • Why? You ask ! Just have a look (LOL) in less than 2 1/2 minutes you'll understand where I'm coming from. : )
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I like the reactions of the dude standing next to Tiny Tim.
    • Ice man
      That was Dick Martin, of the 1960's show "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". Dan Rowan is the guy who quickly left the stage at the beginning. They were a priceless team of talented comedians who hosted a very avant-garde TV program for it's day. They gave Goldie Hawn her start in the biz. She was a Go-Go dancer that they body-painted from head to toe and had her wiggle around saying outlandish shit. : )
  • "My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels. Believe it or not, that despicable trash was a massive hit in the USA in 1963. Thankfully it did not trouble the Top 40 here in the UK, but I've still heard it on a few 60s compilations. The song glorifies jealousy and violence, all set to the cheesiest musical accompaniment ever to scratch its way into vinyl. It should never have seen the light of day, let alone been a hit.
    • officegirl
      I don't know about that. She won't go out with him so he trashes her in the neighborhood. You obviously did not grow up in New Jersey in the 50s and 60s. And that stuff still happens. Not about jealousy but about justice and reputation. And doesn't glorify violence - there was much less of that in the early 60s then you would get today even in urban N.J. In those days the community protected us which probably doesn't happen today when everyone is just out for him or herself. Though certainly nothing great or terribly original I think it is one of the more truly memorable sounds of that era and has got a great beat we could dance to.
  • 12-13-2016 "It's a small small world" It is also the most played song because they play it CONSTANTLY at Disney World and Disneyland. Betcha can't get that out of your head now!
  • Dust in the wind. Dec. 18
    • Azlotto
      "Dust in the wind" by Kansas?
  • Not completely sure what it's called, but they play it all the time in the Insidious movie. It's, like, super duper terrible, and the fact that they include it in a horror movie makes it annoying AND creepy.
  • God Bless America by Kate Smith. Listen to an original recording. Hold your ears.
    • Azlotto
      Wow, that's brutal.
  • "Who Let The Dogs Out" is one of the worst I remember. I can't remember who sang it though (if indeed it could be called "singing"). Whoever it was, it was obnoxious.
  • I Wave My Hair Back and Forth by Willow Smith. Oh... my... lord...
  • Any and all "rap" noise! I do not consider it music it is profane filth set to music.
    • Nosmo King
      You are right about that, dickw60, no doubt about it.
  • Anything by INXS.
    • Nosmo King
      INXS aren't all that bad.
    • we are dough
      Yeah, they are.

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