• Sorry, typo ... I meant out loud, not "load".
    • Ice man
      An edit feature would be sooooo nice !!
    • Azlotto
      When I read your question, I didn't even notice the typo, but an edit feature would be nice.
  • I did both my screen name and real name...My real name cracked me up.
    • Ice man
      Me too, that's why I asked. lol
  • Nrev sleweJ -- No.
    • Ice man
      That's okay, I just laughed for you. : ) Thanks
  • I tried it with my real name (both my maiden name and married name) and my screen name. All were virtually unpronounceable. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      Mine was a tongue twister too. : )
  • Were you drunk when you ask this one too? Mine's not so funny backwards
    • Ice man
      Nope, I was sober. And I think "yoJ adniL" is pretty funny. : ).
    • Linda Joy
      I think Linda Joy can be funny sometimes.

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