• No. Is it the same as sharpening your knives?
    • Ice man
      It's best done with a whetstone with the scissors taken apart. The angles are different but for the most part the technique is similar to sharpening you knives...
  • as cheap as they are it's not worth the bother.
    • Ice man
      That's exactly the problem, the scissors you get today are of poor quality and cheap. They want you to come back and buy a new pair in a year. Old scissors were of much higher quality and meant to last a lifetime. It only takes a couple of minutes with a sharpening stone and your old scissors cut like new again.
    • Thriftymaid
      Not in my adult life. 11-23
  • Yes I got a attachment for my Dremel tool worked kinda good but like you said they are of poor quality. Can't buy good quality any more all our shit comes from china! Nov.23
    • Ice man
      Exactly. : )
  • We have a grindstone but I can't do it as well as the professionals I take our knives to at the farmers markets.
    • Ice man
      Those guys are the best alternative to doing it yourself. They generally do a super good job.
  • I don't bother anymore because I always end up dropping them when I am running with them.
    • Ice man
      I know what you mean. I've always gotten this incredible urge to run aimlessly whenever I've had scissors in my hand. : )
  • No I've never had the need.
  • 5-30-2017 It is not worth the effort if you don't have a diamond hone. Diamond makes all the difference.
    • Ice man
      Very true.
  • Yes, it makes a huge difference!
    • Ice man
      It pays to keep old scissors in good shape. The new ones are junk.

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