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  • You talk too much.
  • No of course not. What you did in the past cannot be changed, and he should accept that. He is the problem, not you. Consider seeing a therapist, or talking to a close female friend (I say female so he doesn't suspect anything of you, also try to get a female therapist if you do consider that option) about what is happening.
  • The bottomline answer is shut the hell up. Nobody has the right to know what you did, how often you did, or who you did. NOBODY. They have the right to know from the first day you agree to be a monogamous couple. From that day FORWARD. What you may have done prior to meeting them is none of their business, ever.
    • Linda Joy
      It is if it includes sex! You have STD's to consider!
  • He's way too jealous & controlling, find someone NEW!!!

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