• I've heard of it, and people say it's a very well-made documentary, but I haven't seen it yet. I think the men's rights movement is mostly a reactionary movement, and not a particularly good steward of actual men's rights issues. Feminism needed a reactionary movement, so it's not meaningless, but I don't regard is as deserving of a great deal of serious attention. Of course, my opinions on the movement are irrelevant to the quality of the documentary, so I'll wait until I see it to judge that. By most accounts it's quite good.
    • Unicorn Man
      Thanks for your thoughts, Stepper. I want to see it here down under, but feminist groups keep signing positions to stop it from screening. Telling lies to ban a movie from screening with opinions you don't agree with is such an admirable way to silence opposing view points don't you think? The big twist about the movie is that it was filmed and produced by a feminist. Her mistake was not towing the party line and deciding to tell the truth as she sees it. Not cool with the "systerhood"!
    • Unicorn Man
      Positions -> petitions. Autocorrect strikes again!

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