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  • It seems to be creeping in a little more with each new day. :(
    • RareCatch
      Yes~Everyday there is more where in the hell is the administration???Nov.13
    • Ice man
      I've seen where we've both written "SPAM" in an answer. Please keep doing so because I think somebody is monitoring answers and removing the spam that we've marked. It seems like (I could be wrong) unanswered spam is flying under the radar.
  • & Are a pair of good examples.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Those two are not currently showing, Ice man. They appear to have been removed but it says they are queued for spidering, whatever that means. Is that the new AB jargon for removed questions? I've never heard of that expression before, have you? Judging by the numbers of the questions those two are new. However, that doesn't mean they were not old spam brought back. I couldn't see what was on them. Can you remember?
    • RareCatch
      Hello Bootsiebaby you were one of my friends on the old site! I think they were selling ink cartridges. Good answer there. RareCatch77 Nov.13
    • Ice man
      Hi Bootsie, good to see you too. RareCatch is right, one was selling ink cartridges quite openly and the other was for tank-less water heaters. The second one was the old sneaky style where sockpuppet "A" asks for an opinion and provides the web address in some foreign country , and sockpuppet "B" gives a testimony of best price, service, value, delivery, installation, warranty, etc,etc.
    • Ice man
      You're right about them being removed or hidden, I just checked them myself. I've seen others that I've written "SPAM" in an answer and they disappeared too. I guess that means some one in the big chair is paying attention after all and that's a good thing. As for the "spidering" thing - I have no idea what it means. We've seen a few new terms that are a bit of a mystery. The only one I've been able to figure out was "breadcrumbs" - I'm pretty sure it means : clickable link to something else. So yes, we have some new jargon and it would be very nice to find out just what the hell they're talking about I've been waiting to see if anyone from your side of the Atlantic could shed some light on this, but if it's a mystery to you as well then maybe it comes from down under ??
  • Not yet, Ice man. I've only just rejoined today. Good to see you back again!:)
    • RareCatch
      Hello there old friend nice to see your back again I always liked your answers. Some how you always worked your boots in the questions answers I enjoyed that . Nov.13
    • Ice man
      @ Bootsiebaby : If you still have my email would you please send me a line or two, for a link. Long story short - Windows 10 ate my hard drive and I lost everything including all email contacts. Since then Andy is the only one I've been able to contact after he sent me a note.
  • Yup. Ads.
    • RareCatch
      Hmmmm1 I haven't seen any ads but I suppose AdBlocker took them off! Use ad blocker plus it really works good and is free! Nov 27
    • Ice man
      Actually RareCatch the spam that I'm talking about are ads in the form of questions. Not Pop-up advertising that our ad-blockers should remove. The questions in "question" tend to be cleverly disguised. I do know that the admin has launched a new anti-spam program. It took a little while to get it working right ... but it's working. That's not to say all spam has ended, because the spammers are very sneaky and relentless in their efforts. @ Officegirl - Thank you, the more of us that mark the spam .. the cleaner the site will be. : )
  • I've seen a lot since then! But not recently thankfully.
    • Ice man
      There is still some slipping through the filters. Report it when you see it, I do.
    • Linda Joy
      I do as well

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