• No I have XP and am content with the speed and ease.
    • The Original Mixed-Up Kid
      That looks more like the correct answer for the following question:
    • cheapshot
      no, you can get it for free, legally or illegally, whithout getting off the couch.
  • HeHeHe ! Nice to see you here and the fun has begun. But to answer YOUR question ...I paid for 22 windows and 3 doors, and the draft no longer affects me. : )
  • I was conned into getting Windows 7 when I bought a computer pre-loaded with it. It was so dreadfully slow that I tried to install Linux, hoping for an improvement. It turned out the computer was hard wired to reject any attempt to install a non-Micro$oft system. I consider that a breach of contract and I swear that is the last dollar they will ever get from me. I bought a faster mainboard and a bigger case and moved a lot of the hardware from the slow computer, so now I have a system of nice speed and I can install any kind of system I like. I read the reviews of Win 10 at and followed their advice to block the download.
  • I like Windows 10 a lot more than Windows 8. So if you're running 8 then the answer is definitely. If you're running MacOS, than probably not ;)
  • I like Win 10, but if I needed it, I'd just buy a new computer to go along with it.
  • I have the free upgrade from Windows 7 desktop. I like it and want a new Windows 10 laptop.
  • Nope. Wouldn't use it for free. In fact, I would not use it if Billy Gates paid me to use it.
  • I did.
  • i did with a new computer .cant beat W7 in my opinion but am forced to have W10 anyways
  • Getting Windows 10 (or any version) free with a computer or a downloaded upgrade is a great idea until you have to re-install. Then what are you going to do with a formatted hard disc and no Windows CD to load on it? I make sure I purchase a hard copy of the operating system I use so I have a backup if needed. Considering the difference between a working operating system and a paperweight, I think it's worth the investment.
  • yes to keep my house warm in winter. (many people are going to misread this question and think you're talking about the O/S) LOL!

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