• What kind of love are we talking about? I have a feeling you're asking about a life without a partner, without a one-on-one romantic love and relationship. The answer to that is yes, life is life and worthwhile regardless of whether one ever has a romantic relationship. But many people these days seem to think that their lives can't be "complete" or satisfying unless they have romantic love. This is actually backwards: as long as someone feels their quality of life depends on another person, they can never know true happiness or satisfaction... or love. There are many kinds of love, and the most important is self-love. Until and unless you love yourself, you can't experience much more than pale glimpses of what love, ANY kind of love, is all about. And self-love is a natural part of human existence, so everyone has that ability, although in modern times it's often not easy to develop. We all experience love of many kinds in our lives. I'm not sure it would be possible to NOT experience it, unless there was brain damage. Even the most seriously emotionally traumatized people can still experience love of one kind or there is no love in your life, there is... you just have to learn to recognize it.
  • No. everyone needs somebody. god created adam and eve for that purpose. although, the devil intervened. on this planet, there are two factors that continue mans and love. to have never loved or been loved is a shame. to enrich ones life and get the benefits of a true love for life......go buy yourself a floppy-earred puppy!!
  • Yes it is life. it is a blissful life without pain and frustration. you can't miss something you never had
  • If you don´t love anything, you can´t be human
  • I'm sorry to annonce, that a life without love doesn't exist, everyone has touched someone at least once that is if you live in a society...
  • Yes, but I don't think a life without love is even worth living.
  • this reminds me of a jim morrisons quote. he said something like, "People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts". i dont know if love is necessary for us to consider our lives worth living, but i am certain that if love didnt exist id be happier, specially the deep loves i tend to develop.
  • This question reminded me of a quote: "Take away love and the earth is a tomb." Source Unknown
  • NO life is not a life without love. We love our parents we love our children we love our pets and it is also a bonus if we have a partner too love but a life without any love would be pointless life is love! We love things we do in life too! A job a hobby etc
  • I believe that the experience of love is so special and such a huge experience that life without this experience is not the same... but its still life.
  • Red blood coursing through the veins and arteries of the body; drawing air into your lungs, oxygenating the cells and tissues; cells multiplying; that's life. Blood coursing through the veins, heart bursting with so many feelings they can't possibly be expressed because you have just laid eyes on your brand new baby; receiving a college diploma at the age of 53; completion of that/those thing(s) you have said you always wanted to do, and did; skiing, football, music, art, friends; that's living. As one who lives without the soft stroke of lips against my neck, the eyes of a man who sees only me, an embrace that tells me he wants only me, and long intimate conversations, I can tell you it has an affect on your daily enthusiasm.
  • Life is a gift bestowed by the almighty to each and every living creature encompassing we human beings. Furthermore to rejoice this gift, we are blessed with the mother nature and its riches in abundance. Faith which binds us all to live for the welfare, happiness and peaceful co-existence has love as its foundation. So, therefore love cannot be limited, to meet specific desires or just to experience a state of happiness and accepted. Love transforms the meaning of we being here. Those feeling low & dejected by worrying for its abscence, should stop the thoughts of what others think of them. By being helpful to others, having hobbies and pursuing the interests brings joy & enrichment to life. Remember Love is all about giving heart & soul, and these positive universal vibes travel in every direction. New directions unlocks oneself from selfish desires to value essence of love and its celebration.
  • Yes, see i knew this man and throughout his whole life nobody loved him, but in reality there always was at least one person loving him, and that is Jesus Christ. He loves all
  • when love is the most beautiful feeling felt at heart, then how can life be life without it? love is the language of the heart and every gets a lifetime to feel it, cherish it, and experience its beauty...
  • Life cannot be measured with love but love can be measured with life, without love, you'll only be living your life lifeless, and with love is how jesus will want you to live life.
  • nop it s is like a dead
  • There comes a certain point in ones life when, if you don't have a partner/spouse to share your life with then it is possible to feel that you are living a life without love. Your children, if you have had any, may have grown and started their own lives. While they certainly love you, they are not involved in your life on a day to day basis. Other people, who are involved in relationships have their own lives and loves to tend to. It can become a very, very lonely existence when you don't have that someone special in your life. I personally had it and lost it through death. I am now experiencing a this lonely existence I described. Everyone else seems to have someone and they have a 'life' if you will. While I would never dream of giving up on life, I will tell you that this is the most trying of times. I don't foresee a future with anyone else since my husband was the love of my life. I think you only get that once.
  • Some people are just unlucky in love but that said we have all experienced love once. For me love is what you feel. You don't always have to experience it from someone else directly - you can juts feel it therefore this enables you to live if your not in arelationship and get on with life. Yes love is great but not every one is beautiful, rich, intelligent but these people still live. Life is not perfect and sometimes living with unrealistic high ideals create more misery than good. So in answer to your question life without life is still life - just not necessarily happy life.
  • You cannot live without receiving love. Babies and animals can die when not receiving care and love. Ofcourse you can live without a relationship, because a relationship doesnt guarantee you receive love. It has nothing do to with being romantically involved with someone. You should rather call it warmth than love. Without warmth from others, people you care for you cannot live.
  • No it's not. Life without love would not be worth living. +5
  • yes it is . it's times like that , that make you think and know what love really is .. and when you realize that , that's part of life.
  • Yes - selfish life if you don't love.
  • Love is central as I see it. I don't mean the various conditions of experiencing love, rather love itself not dependent on conditions. I have been longer out of personal love relationships than I have in them, yet experience the deeper love for life itself, people. nature animals and the many ways we relate to each other. This may be considered a belief that we are All born out of a love that transcends any attributes we identify as ourselves. I experience it as a core truth, even though our 5 senses and our thoughts perceive otherwise.
  • No because there's an old saying that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. So for you to have somebody in your life.. You need to love them. your family, friends, pets, even neighbors.
  • ONE of the world

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