• No, not really.
  • It can be. Have you ever looked for people you already know on there? I once found a police officer from the town I was from without a shirt on, leaning up against his police car. He discribed himself as "A big soft teddy bear".
  • I sure do. What about the ones who use pictures from a hundred years ago? Talk about no truth in advertising. And I get a kick out their ads that show all of these unbelievably hot people as looking for love. Please. people like that don't go on dating sights.
  • I was once talking to this very attractive guy online, for a couple months, or whatever. He had the most incredible pictures, and he was gorgeous. Really fun to talk to, etc. When we decided to meet, he confessed to me that his pictures were from highschool...30 years ago. Needless to say, we never met.
  • Well, since I've never looked on an internet dating site, and if I had, it wouldn't have been for other women, nope. :-D However, if I had a woman who was 5'4" and 215 lbs tell me that she loved sports and tennis and long walks, I'd ask if she thought that watching other people play sports on tv, or walk by her house counted as liking sports and long walks.
  • Well, at least they didn't lie about their weight :-)
  • Aren't there a bunch of, ahem... "cuddly" men out there who love sports.....from their couch!
  • you can still be quite active and yet be heavy... i remember nell carter was a big girl and she danced like a crazy woman. you got something against fat chicks?? you looking to bring it on?
  • Plenty of guys are that weight or heavier and claim to be or really are into sports. If they're not your type, don't spend too much time on their pgs and move on.
  • you must listen to this.... truth is here...
  • I think its pretty funny to listen to that kind of thing, but weight could just be a metabolism thing, not because they are lazy and really don't do those things.
  • I don't find it funny at all. Not all short heavy girls are like that because of laziness. My sweetheart was 4 ft 11 and weighed close to 190 lbs and was a very active person. Part of her problem was a thyroid condition. She was careful about what and how much she ate so her weight had nothing to do with being lazy and I find it insulting that you think all people who are overweight are like that cause of laziness or overeating.
  • Not really.
  • Yeah- it's pretty funny. Maybe what they meant to say was: "I love to WATCH people play sports, play tennis, and take long walks while sitting on my behind eating a donut."- but they may have run out of character spaces... *smile*
  • i'm 5'10, close to 5'11" sports...but weigh about that much...does that make me one of them?
  • Yes. About as much kick as I get out of men who are looking for twenty year olds with perfect bodies and a nice pair of canteloupes when they look like this;)
  • I love all sports including Extreme sports. I am 5ft 2 in. Have never been on any dating site and I weigh between 105 and 110 lbs . There are some girls at the Gym I use that are HEAVY, but can outlast me on the treadmill and other machines., and I am pretty fit. They do a lot of exercise and lift weight too . Everyone that is heavy is not fat or unfit.

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