• my father. he is a very smart man and he gets smarter as i get older. he's always been there for me.
  • My grandfather was the most inspirational. When I was 12 I spent the day at the nursing home he resided at . It was during that visit that I realised what my lifes career would be Nursing. I was thrilled to see how he interacted with the staff saw the glow in his eyes whe he talked to his favorite gals. Ive been in nursing all my life since 1981
  • My mom. She was the most significant example for me to follow.
  • My last girlfriend. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer but refused to give up the fight. She lkived every single day to the fullest and fought very hard to live. Even a few days before she died when the Elders gave her a blessing and told her that her time has come to a close and to stop fighting God's will she kept on fighting to live.
  • I would probably have to say my bestfriends mother. Sadly, she passed in April due to stomach & ovarian cancer. But she was just a huge inspiration through my entire life. She had the best advice, she always knew how to make anyone feel better, & she could always make you laugh, she was like a second mother to anyone who knew her. Just one of those rare, all around amazing people.
  • Three people come to mind quickly.....My parents have both played great roles in inspiring me. My father still does even though he's passed and my mother always knows what I should do, and has by far the best advice anyone has ever given me... As far as who's inspirational to me in my life now, I'd have to say the man I've been seeing for a while now. He's beautiful and he's brilliant and he's strong willed. Since I've met him, I feel as if he's sparked motivation that I've always had but never really had energy to act on. And, the funny thing is.. is he doesn't even know he's given me this great push. It's a special thing to me, that I hold close to my heart.
  • gackt.he.. is just.. someone i really look up to..

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