• Isn't there a difference between sexual and criminal history?
  • Yes, My grandfather was a defense lawyer up until about 2 years ago (which is good, cause he still has connections and my family gets free legal work :D) and he would come in to dinner sometimes at family parties, and brag sometimes "I kept the pedophile out of jail" or "I made sure that he only got a few years of house arrest". These were mostly rape cases, and I was disgusted by it.
  • it bothers me! not saying that all people who are raped are women but an extremely large proportion of women are the victims and bringing up a persons sexual history is just a way of saying, "good girls don't.. and bad girls are asking for it." promiscuity (or lack of) is not an invitation for rape. personally i think it should be all or nothing. if you can bring up their sexual past, you should be able to bring up the criminal past. if not one, then not the other.
  • it bothers me a lot. thats why so many people don't report it. its wrong. thats why people like Kobe get away with it.
  • I am unsure about the law here in the UK but it would certainly bother me if it were the same.
  • It sure does. What she did before the attack is meaningless. And more and more judges are not allowing it. And in some cases an "alleged" rapist's prior history can be brought up if he takes the stand to impeach his character. Things are getting better, guys, I swear.
  • u say "rape victim" and "alleged rapists", as though they r 2 completely different things. the 1st thing a court has 2 decide is if the alleged "victim" is a reliable witness and a rape has occurred in the 1st place then it is very easy 2 prove the alleged rapist did it. ask anyone who knows anything about the justice system, rape is routinely faked.i'm not saying it doesn't happen(i'm a victim) but it is almost entirely faked (99%)(crying rape)
  • I am not sure where you get your information, but in most (if not all) states a rape victims sexual history is not admissible unless specifically relevant.
  • the reason why an "alleged" victims sexual history is brought up is 2 prove that she is a reliable witness and is not pretending. nb.90% of the female population of india claim 2 have been raped. so either there r 400 million rapes a year in india or someone lieing. in uk it can't and it's harder 4 my friend (female magistrate) 2 discern the truthfulness of allegations. as a result there r more miscarriages of justice and more rapists getting off
  • Yes. I see it as just one more example of how women are subjugated in society.

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