• Wood still needs to be chopped and water still needs to be carried..enlightenment doesn't change that at all. Perhaps the zeal/joy/appreciation with which you do those tasks will change.
  • In Enlightenment you still do the daily chores, but with a different perspective, and seeing relative reality for what it is.
  • To me it means that you don't have to run off to a cave or a monastery to become enlightened. It is an inner journey. Also, someone who is enlightened may be sitting right next to you. Or even running a website about questions. Who knows?
  • It means that life goes on outside your spiritual self and your bodily needs still have to be provided for. And other people who depend on you, regardless of your state of enlightenment, still need you to keep whatever commitments you have made to them about their daily needs.
  • I would interpret that enlightenment has nothing to do with what we do in the outside world ,only our inner world.Another point is until one is enlightened themselves they cannot know who is enlightened by their outward actions.They could become enlightened and no one would know for they carry on their worldly duties the same way.
  • It means enlightenment is nothing special... just this moment -- chopping wood, carrying water. Enlightenment is the loss of illusions... chasing after abstractions, ideas of perfection, etc. To be able to just engage fully with daily life IS being enlightened... thus it's nothing special. No fanfare.
  • being enlightened is being aware of what is going on inside of you and outside of you, knowing what you can change and what you can't. And being at peace with the answer.
  • Samo, samo!
  • Prior to "enlightenment" life is just ordinary, or so the mind thinks. But that ordinary life is believed to be lacking in some way. The mind will imagine enlightenment to be some wonderful state where everything is extraordinary, but when enlightenment is dis-covered what is found instead is that each moment of life IS full, though ordinary. "Chopping wood and carrying water" (the ordinary everyday events of life) contain all the fulfillment that was previously sought in other things prior to enlightenment. What has been lost is the viewpoint of the ego/mind in regard to the events of life, and what has been found is the fullness of life in all things.
  • The equal bible principle is "do all to the glory of God"

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