• I agree,and it does not make sense.The woman should dress to please herself and the man should have no say in the matter.If the man decides then he is too controlling to be in a mature relationship.
  • It makes perfect sense, Men like to look at women who dress provocatively
  • Men find womens bodies attractive. I would not mind if more women would dress lady like. It shows respect for them selves. As my personal opinion.
  • i guess they dont want other guys looking at there girl....
  • Madonna/Whore complex. Some men (you can't say all) like to date women that are easy looking. But once they become wives and mothers, they want them to become the housewife and parent.
  • They don't like competition for their exclusive sexual partner. So they look, but they don't want their lady to attract sexual attention. There is also the old adage that men want a girl dirty enough to turn them on, but clean enough that she won't embarress them.
  • Because most men like to have their cake and eat it too
  • because men are pigs and are very very possive over their wives and girl-friends,
  • Some men (especially those who identify as socially conservative, but it is present in those of all walks of life) want desperately to control their sex drive, and they do this by imposing categories and standards on women. In Victorian England, men divided women into whores and angels. It was alright for men to sleep with the whores, and that gave them license to disrespect them as much as possible. They could fall in love with an angel, but never touch her, because that would make her a whore. These pathetic double standards still resonate in modern English-speaking society. For the most part, these men are just confused about themselves, and they are somewhat unsure of the power dynamics between themselves and their genitalia.
  • 1) For the same reason that some women could have interest for casanovas, but most would not like their own men to be one of them. Because of the persistence of traditional roles, if a man wants to get women, he has to behave as a casanova, but if a woman wants to get men, it would be sufficient to dress provocative. It is a combination of sex drive and jealousy: "Jealousy typically refers to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. This rival may have no knowledge that he or she is threatening the relationship." Source: 2) As long as the relationship is not being threatened, there is no problem: many men like their women to dress maybe not provocative, but at least nice, as long as they do not engage too far with other men. They want to show what for a nice relationship they are into, but two conditions are required: - it must be the best (and be desirable) - it must be (and stay) their partner Women do almost exactly the same thing! 3) People in relationships are usually more attractive than others. If they were also provocative, they would have many opportunities, which they could eventually not resist. Think about the dating paradox: "Why are all the good guys already taken? Why are my friends' husbands all such wonderful people, and the guys I meet all seem to be missing something? Answer: "It's not that the good guys are taken--it is that a "taken" guy is more desirable. Loving and being loved brings out the best in us. So a guy in a relationship does have something that the available guys are missing--someone to love. A painting will always look better once it is framed and hung on the wall. A couch is far more attractive in a home than in a showroom. And people are more beautiful when they have found love. The human soul is only truly itself when it has opened up to someone else." Source and further information:
  • In the man's mind one relates to hunting and the other protecting.
  • It does make sense. They might think the girl out there is hot, but do they truthfully respect her? Probably not, otherwise would they choose their "modest girlfriend" above her? A modest girl is much easier to respect than a whore. The girl who dresses provocative isn't necessarily a whore, though, but that might be just what they (the guys) think. Then, there are the guys who will say anything a woman wants to hear just so he can get what he wants. Not all men are like that, and not all women are innocent when it comes to this, either. I could be wrong ..
  • they don't want their partner to dress provocatively? i think some men don't mind... those who do are hypocrites. it really should be up to the woman, she is the one wearing the clothing after all.
  • They don't want other men looking at their wives.
  • provocative is not the opposite of respectful. A woman should be able to dress how she preferes anyway.
  • Not all men are like that. When I met my wife, she was a sexy dresser, she still is.
  • There are several things going on here. Much more than just what a man thinks a woman should or shouldnt wear. Any man who gawks at other women, while in a committed relationship, is a pig, and is showing disrespect to his mate, period!! Whether she is present or not, he should not be gawking at other women. Further, I think that both partners should carry themselves appropriately to where it compliments their relationship. Provocative attire has its place and time. Problems arise when both partners are not in agreement here. Some people are not compatible, and some women do want to be strippers.
  • Using a phrase such as "like to look" is unfair and less than accurate, IMO. A better way of saying it is that men "notice" women who dress in a provocative way. Also, the question deserves to be asked: What exactly is considered to be "provocative"? Speaking as a man who is a bit older, I can offer my own perspective, but it's still just MY perspective. My idea of "sexy" or "provocative"? A woman wearing a top cut to her navel, shorts up to her butt with a waist just above the "tree line"? Nope. I'll certainly notice that, but quickly reject the idea of her being anyone worth knowing. How about a woman wearing a fitted suit or dress, showing a just a hint of cleavage, hair neatly done, just enough warpaint? Now she has my attention,and my respect, as a woman who doesn't shy away from being a woman, but has enough brains and self-respect to leave much to the imagination. My own wife has dressed like lady number two, and I always like it, I always notice her, and if other guys notice too, that's alright. I don't blame them.

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