• I would not fly with them unless they provided me with a prayer card for every single religious sect with more than 10 members. I DO, however, think they should be allowed to serve these cards. Limiting these would limit their free speech. The only circumstances where I would consider limiting their ability to do so would be if the cards constituted hate speech or if the airline had a monopoly on certain airports.
  • With their safety record, a prayer card would be appropriate. However, I do agree that all religions should be considered.
  • If they served me something I did not want to eat, I would simply not eat it. i should think that the same option is available for the prayer cards.
  • Alaska Airlines is a corporate citizen. It survives and prospers because of its operational competence, corporate standards and the traditional American culture that has sustained us all. To recognize and celebrate an American culture that is based on a belief in and reliance on God is logical and commendable. Dave Harbour,

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