• Can't say that I have , I've never heard of that -- Quit Smoking would be the best step
  • i haven't smoked in 3 weeks, i had a few drinks tonight and had a smoke too. i already feel my lungs fogging... advice?
  • Lots of water? *Just a guess After smoking two packs last Halloween I quit smoking. - great remedy Don't confuse me with the people who want to ban them, you can smoke if you want.
  • I quit smoking this March and feel so much better for having done so. I guess you should get plenty of fresh air and try to take some good solid breaths of fresh air.
  • blah yes...phlegmy lungs.....for those who do not usually smoke. its not plesant.
  • I'm chain smoking right now waiting for my offer on a house to be accepted while drinking a six pack after a business dinner of several (company paid) liquor drinks. My fiance and I really want this house but I think we are overpaying for the neighborhood particularly in light of the real estate market. It is exactly what we've been looking for and we the seller and we are nitpicking over a few thousand dollars. Anyhoo, I googled cigarette hangover remedies and this is what came up. I am dreading how I'm going to feel when I wake up in 6 hours. By the way, I am a "social smoker" who has significantly reduced my "socializing" since college because I remember how awful I feel when my alarm clock wakes me up 15 minutes after I get back to bed after a walk to the pisser and wish that I didn't have to go to work. Sorry to anyone who was looking for a fix. I can't offer that, but I am going to try drinking lots of water and I'm probably going to make some eggs.
  • another cigarette, the more one smokes the more one has 2. i just moved here from reno and for some reason i smoke more in the bay. i am not sure if i plan to stop or not... only time will tell what makes me happy, the price is making
  • I agree with the water suggestion. Back when I smoked, drinking plenty of water cured it for me.

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