• Several thousand. Yes, we got it back, but by the skin of our teeth. never again.
  • A few thousand pounds and yes I did get it back. Then they asked my husband again last October, and since they cashed the cheque the money has not been mentioned again. Maybe they think the debt died with him.
  • About $100, and got it back no problem. There have been a couple times though where I've given people more than that - when you just give someone the money and don't expect it back life gets easier, especially if they can't pay it back.
  • we didn't "lend" it but we had a friend that stayed with us who was supposed to be paying $300 a month for rent, electric, water, cable, internet and such. he lived with us for 3 years and paid about $300 in total. he had nowhere else to go and finally moved out when he figured out i was about to kick him out. someone else gave him a free place to go. a month after that we needed money for an electric bill and he wouldn't lend it to us, he needed beer and cigarettes.
  • $400. I got $100 of it back but I don't care if I get the rest. I wouldn't have lent it if I wanted to be sure I'd see it again.
  • a few thousand and no
  • I lent someone £300 pounds. It was what i was saving and i gave it to a friend because he said he needed it. I only £100 back. Ive been waiting for four months for the rest but he says he's still trying to save up for it, to give it me back.
  • I lent my friend over $700 to get a house, and to repay me he robbed me blind of everything that wasn't bolted down. Needless to say, we don't talk much anymore.
  • I lent a good friend £500, he promised to pay it back in 2 weeks!! Finally got it all back 5 months later.....but it took some constant harassment on my behalf, like a dog with a bone!
  • I gave 1 000 dollars and didn`t get it back, and think I wount get it back ever.It was about 3 years ago
  • 5000 and no I didn't get it back.

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