• That is the perfect question. I wish someone would hurry up, and answer. I am not a wife so maybe I can't answer it, but if I had a husband I would spend the rest of my life making him happy.
  • Too much from the sounds of it and we are now living in the millenium not the 1920s! :)
  • Mostly respect. Then a sandwich, or a nice meal - something YOU've cooked or made. I know, I know, they can just as easily cook as you can, but the quesiton is "what does a man WANT from his wife." Some attention, affection, even if you've been married 20 years, you can flirt with your husband, rub his back, kiss his gave him attention before you were married, be the girl he married. Don't become a glutton or laze about in sloth but expect him to "do his share." Watch your weight and get off the couch and DO something. If you work or don't work outside the house doesn't matter - it's still your home, take care of it. He's still your husband, take care of him. MOST women are inclined to nuture. A woman is the heart of the home - if she's not happy and loving and nuturing, then it all falls apart, including the marriage.
  • I treat him the way I'd like to be treated. We baby each other, take care of each other. It's wonderful. I don't think men expect much from their wives, if they just get sex every now and then it seems to make them happy as a pig in a mud puddle.
  • Men are way too different for there to be any right answer. Only two things are universal if he's an actual man and not a child in a man's body, and that's that he wants you to be a big reason he's happy, and he wants to be a big reason you're happy. And every man appreciates quirks.
  • Yes, the answer is mostly about attitude and submission and honestly, getting off the couch and BEING a wife, it's an action word, like love is a verb not a noun. Being a wife doesn't end at the wedding ceremony. So, the questions was only about 'how to be the almost perfect wife,' if you'd feel better to have it balanced, here's how to be 'the almost perfect husband.' (He's not off the hook either, lol!) To be a good husband, a man needs to cherish his wife, she needs to feel secure in his devotion to her. The Bible says a man should love his wife the same way that Christ loves his church....what does that mean? What did Christ do for his church (his church are his followers/believers)? He layed down his life for it. Christ is GOD who manifested himself into a human male, filled that body with his own devine spirit like putting on a glove, then he lead people in the ways of God, he taught, encouraged, took care of and he forgave if they were repentant...and he suffered. He allowed himself to be crucified for the sake of his church so that they could live and not suffer the penalty of sin they were due. He didn't do this lightly, tip toeing through the tulips on the way to the cross, he did it with agony so fiercesome that while he prayed beforehand he sweated blood but he did it. Being in a human body, he had all the human fears and temptations that any human has but he never sinned. He took on the sin of all those who believed in him - their ugliness, their anger, their filthy immorality, the weight of all of it - the guilt and the shame and ugliness and anger and he had to be separated at that moment from heaven but as he died he said "it is finished" - he'd accomplished his goal of being the perfect sacrifice for our sins and died in our place....he overcame that death by his resurrection therefore giving all his believer's the same resurrection to life - we won't stand alone on Judgment Day to answer to an just and righteous God - Christ will claim you as His own and you will be cleansed from all sin, able to stand before God and not have to face the penalty for your sins - the slate was wiped clean. SO, a husband needs to love his wife with a sacrificial, devoted, carry her burdens, protect her from harm, provide for her needs, and forgive her kind of love. Get a job, work hard. Be patient, kind, forgiving. Fulfill your obligations as a provider and protector and your main obligation of loving your wife no matter what. Is she tired out? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Ease her burden - carry her cross for awhile and help her out. Do the dishes or take the kids out to a park for the day so she can take a nap or have a day to shop and go to a spa (whatever makes her relax). If you love her thoroughly, you'll want to do whatever is in your power to do to take care of her emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually. And respect is a two-way street, she's your partner, not your child, talk things over with her. Love her with the same sacrificial love that Christ loves his church and she'll love you back ten fold.
  • Hi Bryce Our mothers and grandmothers had it much harder than we do - vacuum cleaners, microwaves, automatic dishwashers, internet shopping with free shipping, disposable diapers, etc. They had it harder in the housework department and it would have taken all day to do what we can do in an hour or so today. And sex? LOL - well I don't know what "requirements" are harder today? If anything, young women today have access to tons of information and help from a lot of different sources if they have a problem or question or need. Having societies social mores be more questionable and more disobedient to the Word of God is harder, maybe, if they allow those outside influences to effect them. Life is good! Really - and you're right, noone needs to be 120 pounds, lol, that was just a principle - take care of yourself and don't 'let yourself go.' Same for him, btw.
  • It really depends from man to man. I knew several men that didn't think a woman was doing anything unless she was working and bringing in money, no matter how much they did in the home. There are other men that prefer a housewife.
  • A perfect wife is: A compatible match to her man. A smart, reasonable woman. A woman who will care for herself, and let herself be cared for. A woman who accepts a man for who he is. A caring mother. B someone to help me get my alphabet straight.
  • You can't be a perfect wife. OR an almost perfect wife. Men's moods are every bit as changeable as a woman's, if not more so. I ask you women: does your man pout? I swear, every woman I know who has made a marriage last has had to be more emotionally flexible than her man. So I guess my answer is twofold: be prepared to be the one in the relationship who "rolls with it." And two: try not to get all fat and frumpy, and he may follow suit. ( I know. It's hard, esp. after your body no longer produces estrogen. But it can be done. YES YOU CAN!)
  • The perfect wife listens to her husband. She gives him love, acknowledges his efforts, listens to him, spends time with him and us supportive of him. She gives of herself and takes away the stress of the world.
  • You have to be close best friends.
  • I don't know the answer to your questions, but I do know there is no such thing as a "perfect" anything and I know it is wrong to try to make another person do a bunch of s*** he/she doesn't want to do.
  • Men want their wives to be other women, eventually. So kick him. Hard. :) (jk)
  • I've spent a long time arguing with Bryce over one of gardengirl's answers, forgetting to answer the question. What does a man want from his wife? He wants the same things he owes his wife: Due benevolence-honesty, honor as a man and human being, a kind and cooperative attitude in all things and an earnest effort to preserve one's own health and appearance. To not be defrauded: not sexually, not emotionally. Where infidelity is not involved, women tend to intentionally rob their husbands of sex as a form of control or punishment. Men tend to rob their wives of sex as a result of preoccupation with things that do not warrant a great amount of time and energy. Too many people seem to forget that he/she is not supposed to be getting sex from anyone else. Find another way to express your disappointment/disapproval with whatever he/she did to torque you off. Your team will win or lose without you. The good stuff will be shown in the sports highlights tomorrow. Turn off the darned TV and pay attention to her, guys. Both men and women seem equally able to defraud their spouses emotionally.
  • I think every man has a different idea of what his "perfect wife" would be..... For my husband it's Keep the house clean Take care of the baby Cook every night make sure he has clean work uniforms Bring in just as much money as him Keep the bill and finances straight Handle any other big or out of the norm problems Be sweet and affectionate have sex at least a couple times a week good conversation able to have fun together That's all i can think of for now.
  • Hi I am unhappy in my relationship with my wife because I only had sex with her 8 times this year and we are into the 11th month of the year. In 330 days, I have had sex 8 times which does not seem right in anyone's standards. I have spoken to her about this and the answer to all of this is that 1) I do not pay enough attention to the kids 2) I do not appreciate the work that she does in cooking and cleaning (but I feel that this has to be done for the kids anyway even if I was not there) 3) I do not do anything that shows that I love her anymore 4) She does not trust me because of the mis-balalnce in what I want and what she can give She says she is tired because she works, cooks cleans and has to put up with my crap and what ever else but I do not listen to her nor do I support her Is it me or is there something else sinister in this relationship? TT in the house
  • Yes Masta.... just kidding :)

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