• You say you entered the turn on a yellow as it was turning red yes. Well in most states and all provinces in Canada...the yellow is meant for you to clear the intersection, while what you've done is basically race the red! I have my doubts you have reasonable enough explanation to get out of it! let's face it, you commited a moving violation and the ticket and points on your licence are meant to teach you that very a driving school really going to get that to sink in? Sorry about being so blunt...but seriously.
  • In most jurisdictions, you are allowed to attend the defensive driving class three times, depending on your previous driving record. Go to the class and let this be your last.
  • Which state was this in? In Texas you could get the citation dismissed if you entered the intersection before the light turned red, but I don't know about other states I only enforce the laws here.
  • Depends on your past driving traffic record. You should qualify for the defensive driving course. it will cost you around $44 dollars. After completion, your citation will be dismissed as though it never happened and your insurance will not be notified.

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