• I'm not sure about the UK territories not connected to the mainland but I'm pretty sure that its 18.
  • All British territories, even if unlinked to the mainland, are still governed by British Laws and services (it's an odd sight to see a Royal Mail postbox several thousand miles away from Britain). As such, the legal drinking age for most alcohol is 18, but there are some antiquated loopholes - you can drink a port or sherry with a meal in a pub from the age of 16, at the Landlord's discretion. Just another marvellous little trinket of useless information thanks to our marvellous semi-codified Constitution :)
  • under 5 may only be given alcohol on medical order Children and Young Person's Act of 1933 5 and over may consume alcohol, e.g. at home. It is only illegal for those aged 5-18 to drink alcohol on licensed premises (without meeting other licensing requirements) under 14 may not be present in the bar of licensed premises unless accompanied by a person over 28, it is before 9pm and a children Licensing Act of 1964, Deregulation and Contracting Out Act of 1994 14 and over may be in the bar of licensed premises during permitted hours at licensee's discretion Licensing Act 1964 under 16 may be present in a restaraunt etc where alcohol is served with a meal and at the licensee's discretion may consume (but not purchase) alcohol bought by a parent or guardian 16 and over may purchase beer, porter, cider, or perry with a meal in an eating area on licensed premises (In Scotland wine also) Licensing Act of 1964 under 18 may not purchase or be supplied with or consume alcohol in a bar under 18 police have powers to confiscate alcohol from under 18s drinking in public and to contact their parents Confiscation of Alcohol (Young Persons) Act of 1997 under 18 Licensees and staff of licensed premises have a positive duty not to sell alcohol unless they are reasonably certain that the purchaser is not under the age of 18. The legal obstruction to test purchasing under the supervision of police or insperctors of weights and measures is removed. Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 16-18 May not be employed in bar of a licensed premises, unless as part of a Modern Apprenticeship Scheme Licensing Act 1997
  • 18 years to purchase alchohol. It may be served with food when with an adult before that age.
  • The legal age is 18, however some drink since they were wee ones. Substituting the bottle for a "bottle" is the norm with these wankers! It's the nature of the beast home boy.

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