• The first question I'd ask here is, how old is it? There's an interesting article on a Microsoft forum about how memory cards wear out after approximately 1,000 writes. If it's old, retire it. If it's new, return it to the retailer and ask for a replacement. Unfortunately as the PS2 memory card is a bespoke design, I'm not aware of any testers you can get for them, though you could try it in a friends PS2 and see if you can save data to it there. If you can't, it's the card without a doubt. If you can, try one of his in yours (but not one with important data on it, because if your PS2 is faulty it might wipe any data already there) - if yours won't write to a card and his will, get your PS2 to an engineer.
  • How many times are you going to ask the same question in slightly different ways?

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