• See your dentist. It might be that their compacted like mine. This means their growing at an angle, and might have to come out. Im getting one taken out in october. Also there could be an infection under the skin, so see them and see what they say. I see a specialist in maxofilio in my hospital as referal from my dentist due to my xrays. It varies from person to person. They go up, then down. Fine for weeks, then sore again. If their really playing up, see your dentist. Good luck.
  • MIne took about 5 years to totally come through then another 10 years for me to have the bottle to get them pulled out!!!
  • idk son
  • I've been having problems with my wisdom teeth, too. They try to break though and then recede, and this goes on and on...but I guess I'm too chicken to have them cut out! So I can sympathyze with you, but I don't know how long it's going to take to get them through ...sorry.
  • Just have it removed, you won't be any wiser with or w without it
  • Just have it removed, you won't be any wiser with or w without it
  • If I remember about 6 months to a year. Each pair came in at different times. In my 30's All of mine came in and are still in, the upper ones are in on an angle and barely pushed through the gums. The lower ones came in naturally. contrary to popular opinion even if the come in on an angle doesn't mean they will always cause the problems the dentists proclaim.
  • not sure, ask your dentist
  • go see your dentist, you could have an infection

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