• I think that it is the heart and the mind that is hurting the most, not in physical pain, but in emotional pain when someone has passed away that you know of. It feels like a heavy object that's inside your body and somehow it feels that it's taking control of you. This also feels like depression and loss of normal activity as well. Just to remember that there's the light out there. You just need to reach it. And there's help along the way.
  • Good question. The "it" that's hurting is you. Your heart, your spirit, your emotional soul that lives inside your mind.
  • Good question, and deep, I like it, but unfortunately I don't know what 'it' is, I don't think I ever will know, and only hope that one day my 'it' will stop hurting too x
  • That emotional pain which obviously comes from the mind since the heart is just a muscle, is a projected pain far worse and longer lasting than anything physical. They can give you drugs to alleviate physical pain but nothing will remove or heal the emotional pain of loss and hurt.
  • im Rob, 17 years old and feel like cryin, but my eyes jst won't we go........... :( i got 'it' right now. and it hurts, all over... cnt belive tht somthing as small and not very important could mash me up so bad... i need a hug, but the person who i want 1 off int here right now, and SHES the reason i feel this way. (if im telin the truth, i thorught puttin my feeling down would help... but no)
  • your lust, your love for something. Essentially your mind and spirit is aching from this change, but it can also lead to physical ache.. :(
  • it is emotion, and it can suck, but at the same time it is a gift. its part of being human. if it weren't for emotional pain, than emotional gratification wouldn't feel nearly as good. while i know "it" can hurt REALLY bad, i;d rather be feeling this agonizing yearning for something (or someone) i can't have, than be numb and unaffected by the ups and downs of life.
  • probably the fact that youre disappointed that you cant have something

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