• Basil has one key requirement - sunshine! Position it in a protected full-sun position, and if this is not possible, grow in a moveable container. Soil should be well-dug and well-drained.Basil hates water on it's leaves and stem, so water from below.Water every week (more often if growing in outdoor containers or indoors).
  • You should make sure that the soil around any plant is not dry. That is a sure way to kill it (unless it is a desert plant). But neither should it be soggy either. Basil likes sunshine and a good watering twice a week, three times if it is a dry time.
  • i water my basil plants when the soil just begins to loose moisture in the soil water it about 2 cups of water and plenty of sun and it will thrive basil is verry easy to grow good luck
  • The best basil watering tips include simply to sticking a finger in the soil. This works especially well for a container-raised plant. Test both the top of the soil and the drainage holes at the bottom. The top should feel cool and dry, while the bottom should be cool and moderately damp. Holy basil also has a long history of religious and medical use in India

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