• I have tried the Alli diet and a hundred others. It will work if you stick to it, I just did not like taking a pill 3 times a day. Its not very strong, the one from a doctor works better. And it does not cut your appetite so if thats a problem for you, you would have to take something else with it.
  • I've tried it and so has a friend at work. It's good. I lost a few pounds, last check she had lost 6 pounds.
  • There is no "miracle" pill. Alli is very expensive. And if you don't cut down on fatty foods, you'll experience really nasty side effects. If you cut down on your fat, you won't need the pills anyway. If you don't, better wear depends or always wear dark pants and carry extra undies with you....
  • My dad tried it. He liked it.
  • I haven't but a friend of mine tried a similar drug a couple of years ago when it was prescription only. It was AWFUL!!! He had a hard time controlling his bowels and ultimately had to wear depends while he was on it (even while following the diet plan) worked but he ended up stopping the drug after a few weeks because of how horrible the side effects were. I hope Alli is better, because this was certianly not worth it.
  • A coworker of mine is on that. She's constantly talking about the all the fun she is having on that pill:P

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