• Not much I would say order new lenses.
  • If they are very superficial scratches on glass lenses, you could try wiping with plain toothpaste- none of that extra brightening, flouride crap. Work it into the scratch LIGHTLY, and wipe. Its a trick used by automotive dealerships when a car comes in for a cleaning and has a few scratches...
  • Try toothpaste.
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, the glasses are pretty much screwed. I have ruined so many pairs of nice sunglasses, it hurts to even think about it. I bought a really nice pair of titanium Maui Jims and wore them for about two weeks, and dropped them on the ground and scratched the lenses. Most of the lenses now on sunglasses have coatings applied to them for U.V. protection and such. There's no way to buff out the scratch without removing the coating. Unless you have some sort of replacement policy on the glasses, you're better off chunking them and just buying some new ones. By the time you get new lenses and get the frames repaired, it's not cost effective.
  • There are several types of filler paste on the market. It dries clear after rubbing it into the scratches ... or plain toothpaste, as mentioned. If scratches are a common problem for you, consider an expensive brand of shades called "Bullette" ... they are advertized as being "Incredibly Scratch Resistant" ... their half hour infomercial shows them being run over by trucks and army tanks, being attacked by sandblaster and being shot by small handguns ... not even a scratch.
  • Well depending on the scratch you could try just using it anyway. If they are really extensive however, you should get the lenses replaced, and I wouldn't try any of that solutions or not even toothpaste. When ever I have something of mine scratched I end up causing more damage to it trying to cleaning it, then if I had left it alone.
  • Get glass lenses instead of plastic. My Smith sunglasses never show scratches. Either that or don't set them down or drop them. <grin>
  • you might need to replace them

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