• I work from home all the time. My previous job was running my own consulting business, and even though I had a small office, I'd rarely go there. In my current position, I might have to go into the office once a week, at most. It has some drawbacks. It's great the first few weeks or whatever, but if your home office isn't well partitioned off, then even when you are 'off' work you tend to think about work more or even do too much work. It can also make you into a hermit. When I first started working at home - I could go a day or two without leaving the house sometimes. You can lose all human contact. That's just not real healthy, IMO. Pitfalls aside, working at home is a great option if the weather or traffic is bad on a particular day, or your kid's sick or something.
  • I currently work at home. I'm the chef, maid, and accountant for my household. I used to work in retail a few years ago (specialty clothing boutiques and Macy's dept store) , but it drove me, for lack of a better word, bonkers.
  • I fix iPods and video game systems for people at home. I found electronics are not only a hobby of mine but I have a talent for it as well. With so many iPods with broken screens($50), dead batteries($33), bad clickwheels($20-$30), bad drives($60-$130)and motherboards($75-$170) I stumbled onto a gold mine. Most people cant or wont do it for themselves. I quit my regular job about a year ago, and never looked back. word of mouth has spread so fast, that I spend two to three hours a day, and make up to $500! Now I'm a stay at home dad and we don't spend any money on day care anymore. You would be amazed at what you could do at home that people would pay for. Keep looking, yours is out there!
  • Nope, but I used to have this job where I worked at home. It lasted for only one month and one week because it was my second full-time job. I dropped it because I couldn't take the lack of sleep anymore. It was hard to juggle two full-time jobs. That job required me to visit the websites of certain firms, email those firms, and report to my boss anything that those firms have mentioned via email.
  • I work from home for a Fortune 100 company. It is great!!!!
  • I homed from work for 4 years in an 18 wheeler.

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