• AFAIK, there is no command for the trademark symbol, but you can use either; the "copyright" symbol © or the ® symbol. You can type the copyright symbol by holding the alt key and typing in 0169 on your numberpad The other symbol is alt+0174 on your numberpad.
  • actually there is a myspace code for the trade mark symbol and it is: ™ - & t r a d e ; (but without the spaces in between) works perfectly fine on my myspace!! hope this helps :D good luck!!
  • ™ .copy and paste that before or after your name..easy as cake
  • You find a lawyer, then file your trademark with the Government.
  • They're called ALT codes. First, turn on the number pad on your keyboard. Second, you press the ALT key on your keyboard and hold it down. Lastly, you type in your number code on your number pad. You can find more codes by going to and searching for ALT codes. Many websites will give you a list of ALT codes, including the copyright sign, tradmark signs, and more

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