• The ABS light means there is a problem with the ABS system and there is no guarantee they will function. Hence, it doesn't surprise me that they don't work when the light is on. Now, as for the solution, that's a tough one. What I would suggest is driving around until the light comes on, then going to a shop (or a friend with a code reader) and getting them to 'read' the car. They basically plug in a little cable to your cars computer an the car will tell them what's wrong. From there you can fix the problem spot and get rid of the light. Driving without ABS isn't something big to worry about (cars are still sold without it) but it's good to have. So, I'd suggest doing this sooner than later. Another option (which MAY turn out to be cheaper) is to buy yourself a code reader (make sure it will read your specific vehicle) and when the light comes on just plug it in. If you do get your own reader, you may not be able to fix the actual problem, but you will be able to tell the shop exactly what the problem is and they can fix it (make sure to write down the code that comes up). Hope this helps, Good luck

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