• Punk Emo Prep Jock Nerd Geek Bogan um please add
  • Women are more emotional than men. Men are better drivers. Young people don't want to work. All girls like pink and pretty things Men love to tinker round in sheds. All women love to watch soap operas. Immigrants never want to learn English. Asians have slanting eyes. Pastors' wives wear twinsets and are conservative (not me! LOL)
  • Nerd/Geek-- Smart Jock------- Sports fiend Stoner----- Hippy freak Prep------- Hollister/Abercrombie wearing popular kid Loner------ Few or no friends Hick------- From the country, redneck Emo/Goth--- Emotional, cutter, tight pants, bangs Punk------- Studded belts, mohawk, in a band
  • • Corporate Stoner • Nerd Stoner • Gamer Stoner • Hippie Stoner • Pothead • Weed enthusiast • Herbologist • Cannabis connoisseur
  • All New Zealanders have sheep in their backyards.
  • Chav Emo Goth WAG Hippy Punk Surfer Jitter MOD Prep Nerd Geek Scene Indie Jock
  • black people -watermelon -chicken -best dancers -bigest penis -cant swim -lazy mexicans -border hoppers -landscapers -dirty -greasy arabs/indians/ect. -terrorists -convenient store owners -dotheads asian -smart -smallest penis -kung fu
  • Some Indian stereotypes: - all work in convienent stores/delis - smell bad - smart - all are good at computers - work as cabdrivers - all have arranged marriages - are dark skinned(indians are a diverse race.indians can be black,olive,peach colored,white,brown,etc) - can't speak english or have an accent - indian food looks and smells bad - all eat curry(biggest stereotype ever) - all are hindu(indians can be hindu,muslim,christian,buddhist,etc) - don't eat any meat - don't eat meat cause of their religion(some just don't like it) - hate muslims - are terrorists(india is not even considered part of middle east,its not an arab,islamic country,altough some arabs live in india) - are an ugly race - are rascist - only marry other indians
  • white people produce yellow tattis (shit) have babys quik chavs have a pet that may look like them like having sex (sometimes men and men) one night stands getting pissed and coming to work with a hang over then complaining. like asaians/blacks but don't show it divorce

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