• It is really hard and not often possibleto get it all off. I used to work in and then own, a shop where we put on iron on transfers and those iron on letters all the time! sometimes we would make a mistake and we would use a special solvent for getting rid of the glue, but most of the time the outline would still show somewhat, and then we usually put the right letter on it to cover up. I think the solvent was really like many glue removers, like that stuff you can get in stores to remove sticky tape residue or rubber scuff marks on the floor? A name evades me but am thinking like "goo gone"? If you soak the letters/fabric well, then start to peel most of it should come off and rub off the remainder, as much as you can, with a clean white cloth.
  • I just had this issue and was looking for answers myself. I found some suggestions which I tried, like placing a paper over the letters and steaming the material thru the back, and rubbing alcohol. After trying both, I found that the steaming actually took the letter coloring off but left the glue which caused the original letters to be obviously visible, so I tried the rubbing alcohol. One by one, I used cotton balls with rubbing alcohol, rubbed it on each letter, and just little by little scrapped the letters off. A technique that actually helped a lot since I was removing the letters from a Nylon stitched type material was after passing the rubbing alcohol, run my nail down the seams of the fabric pattern so as to break up the ironed letters and have the rubbing with alcohol be more effective. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to remove 7 2" letters. Lots of work but it looks like they were never there!! I was very proud of my work!

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