• there should be a problem with the firmware because i don't think it should be a problem with the analog stick. update to firmware 3.40 OE A more questions at
  • this problem may be caused by having the analog stick stuck in a certain direction when it was stored causing it to weaken over time. and now it is weak and very sensitive. Does the analog stick have any "spring" left in it when you pull it down and let go does it spring back to the centre or does it just kinda stay near the bottom or any of the other sides. the only thing i can think of to do is send it back and have to pay for a new anolog stick to be put in. or if it is not that bad you can just try to deal with it.
  • This is the guy who asked the question. I have figured out the problem that has occured. There is nothing wrong with the firmware, the nub (piece that connects the analog stick to the circuit) has malfunctioned. This happens when too much pressure is applied to the analog stick in a certain direction. What happened to me was that the nub was broken because it was not stored properly and was too roughly handled. This is a rare case and the only way to fix this without calling Sony is to remove it and replace the nub with a modified thumb tack. Hope this helps others who have the same question.

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