• Depends on the engine. is google's submit place
  • If you keep updating your site with fresh and valid information, the search engines will find you eventually, they tend to look for websites that get updated regularly. an easy way to do that is to add articles with relevant information every so often. Good luck!
  • Google for advice on creating a good "robots" text. Also, write a good Meta Title and description. Make the Meta title the actual title of the site. Do not use hype and do not repeat your meta ketwords in your description. Write a two line meta description. For the first line state the purpose of the site. For the second line state the features on the site. Example: Title: Joe's Widget Heaven Descrition: Devoted to the preservation and restoration of antique widgets. Convention highlights, articles, forum and photo gallery. Do NOT try to highlight with caps or punctuation and never use the phrase "and more". Then suggest the site to the lowest branch you can find in the appropriate category at
  • Step 1 Submitting your website to the top three search engines is both free and easy. To get started, you will simply need the urls below. Step 2 GOOGLE: Step 3 MSN: // Step 4 YAHOO: (https)// Step 5 I have provided a full list of search engines and directories below under the Resources heading. Hope it helps you.
  • Google: Yahoo: MSN (Bing): Also Submit into few quality web directories like
  • or free URL submission to search engine:
  • There is a link to ad your web site at every search site. here is the link for google and yahoo.
  • You want to use the Google keywords tool: Use these keywords in your meta tags, and repeat them in your content. For a good read on how to use meta tags: Read part one, part two, and part three and check out the meta tag resource page: If you have a static site, one written in basic HTML or XHTML, update it manually on a regular basis. If you have a dynamic site, one that is database-driven to provide readers with content based on cookies and how the interact with the site when they login, you will definitely do well on the search engines. Search engines find you, though you can find a number of search engine submission tools, they are not necessary. It takes the same amount of time to come up in the search whether you submit or not. They key thing to remember is search engines are only as smart as the people who make algorithms for the search. You must treat a search engine as blind without your guidance. Search engines index content according to relevance to a particular search. That is why using the keywords tool is so important. To monitor the stats on your site in Google search use Google webmaster tools: Also what goes in your title tags is very important. Search engines use the title tags to list your page. You want the title tags to be different for each page, and descriptive of the page's content. Best of luck!

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