• a code is either a code shop code witch gets you items found in trading card packs or a secret code witch is attached to your webkinz arm that lets your webkinz become virtual.
  • Each webkinz pet comes with an adoption code that lets you register them online at Webkinz World. This gives you a virtual pet with a room that you can furnish and decorate, and tons of fun games to play. If you're looking for the easiest way to get an unused webkinz code, check out this site:
  • buy your own scammer!
  • Do U Need KINZ$ Come Here Then!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you need some kinz cash read this!!!!If you send mibrystol and worm1st some great items like exclusive ones or expinsive ones they send you 9 1000kinz$ coins!!!!Again 9 1000kinz$ coins!!!But if you send them an apple like my 1 friend did they block and he wishs he never did that!!!!Also my friends got 6 1000 coins 7 1000 coins and 9 1000 coins so far we got 3 people that got 11 1000 coins because they sent them both 3 exclusive items....So also one of them gave them 2 exclusive items and a rare item and they got 10 hey 10 is 10 though that would be 10000 kinz cash!!!! So far I myself has gotten 23 total from them!!! Again the user names for webkinz is mibrystol and worm1st!!!!! Good Luck!!!!

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